Objectives and results

GaN4AP project has the ambitious target of making the GaN-based electronics to become the main power active device present in all power converter systems, with the possibility of developing a close-to-zero energy loss power electronic systems.

GaN4AP project will…

  1. Develop innovative Power Electronic Systems for power conversion and management with advanced architecture and circuit topology based on state of the art GaN-based High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs) available in a new concept high-frequency packages that can achieve the requested 99% power conversion efficiency.
  2. Develop an innovative material (Aluminium Scandium Nitride, AlScN) that combined with advanced growth and process solutions can provide outstanding physical properties for highly efficient power transistors. Therefore, a new HEMT device architecture will be fabricated with much higher current (2x) and power density (2x) than existing transistors.
Develop a new generation of vertical power GaN-based devices on MOSFET architecture with vertical p-GaN inversion channel for safe power switching up to 1200 V. We will cover all the production chain from the device design, processing and characterization up to tests in low inductance half bridge power modules and their implementation in high speed power switching systems.
Develop a new intelligent and integrated GaN solutions (STi2GaN) both in System in Package (SiP) and Monolithic variances, which will allow the generation of E-Mobility power converters. The projects will focus on scalable concept for 48V-12V bidirectional Buck Boost converters for conventional and ADAS applications combining, in a novel wire-bond free package, a state of the art BCD driver & controller along with a common substrate Monolithic 100V e-GaN Half Bridge.

The development of new device technologies and innovative power circuits, employing the GaN-based devices is a crucial factor for the world-wide competitiveness of EU industries.

Relevance and impact

GaN4AP project will create a strong European competences with regard to GaN-based devices technology. This will start from an outstanding base of competences ranging from materials development and analysis along the performance-tests of devices up to the system development and performance with new devices based on wide band gap semiconductors within one and the same institute, which is a uniquely rare constellation. This project will be able to strongly support the European industry in their research and development activities for increasing the reliability and yield of production processes for GaN on Si power devices, the exploitation of methods for advanced metrology and novel devices architecture, and at the simultaneous evaluation of the envisioned applications by the building of challenging demonstrators. It is also expected that the pivotal role played by power electronics will create a virtuous cycle also in terms of new and dedicated University curricula to attract our students and help compete on a par with global rivals.

Technical inovation

The project will significantly advance GaN technology by developing:

  1. Innovative Power Electronic Systems
  2. Innovative materials
  3. New HEMTs device architectures
  4. Intelligent and integrated GaN-base circuits solutions

This project has received funding from the Electronic Component Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking (ECSEL JU), under grant agreement No.101007310. This Joint Undertaking receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, and Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands.