Link: NanoInnovation 2021

NanoInnovation represents the reference national event for the wide and multidisciplinary community involved in the study and development of micro and nanotechnologies and in their integration with other enabling technologies (KETs) in all application fields. The main goals of NanoInnovation 2021 are:

  • Providing a meeting forum for academia, research, companies and business operators;
  • Displaying state of the art developments in applied research on nanotechnologies;
  • Acting as showcase of the innovations in nanotechnologies and KETs;
  • Promoting knowledge transfer among different R&D players and sectors;
  • Offering capacity building and training opportunities for both scholars and professionals.

The promotion of a Responsible Research and Innovation towards a sustainable development is one of the driving themes of the event. The programme of NanoInnovation 2021, strongly oriented toward application and market aspects of nanotechnology, KETs and innovation in all its aspects, foresees the presence of highly qualified speakers and organizations. NanoInnovation also offers to students, PhDs and young researchers an excellent and unique opportunity to follow the latest developments on nanotechnologies and to meet leading players in the field.

Session co-organized with the Distretto Tecnologico Sicilia Micro e Nano Sistemi

GaN4AP – A new generation of power converters and intelligent power switches, based on GaN, for higher performance applications in the sector of smart mobility and renewable energy

Chair: Leoluca LIGGIO, Coordinator of the European Project “GaN4AP” & Distretto Tecnologico Sicilia Micro e Nano Sistemi

The speakers covered the following topics:

  • Research and development on WBG semiconductors for a sustainable mobility: the European project GaN4AP

Ing. Leoluca LIGGIO – Coordinator of the European project GaN4AP,  Distretto Tecnologico Sicilia Micro e Nano Sistemi – Italy

  • GaN for Advanced Power Applications (GaN4AP): the future of power electronics

Prof. Gaudenzio MENEGHESSO – Scientific Resp. of the European project GaN4AP,  IUNET – Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per la Nanoelettronica

  • Impact of GaN on passive component requirements electronics

Dott. Martin HAUG – Head of Power Modules Product Unit,  Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co.KG

  • GaN for Automotive – LV Power Applications

Dott. Danilo FALCHI – Advanced Development project Manager,  Valeo Powertrain Electrification Systems